Amy Zhang

Graduate Student

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at MIT CSAIL, advised by Prof. David Karger and a member of the Haystack Group. I work on designing and building systems to improve discourse, collaboration, and understanding on the web, with applications to social media, news, political discourse, education, and civic engagement. I also conduct research on computational analysis of large-scale social data to understand topics in the social sciences. My general interests are social computing, HCI, and computational social science. Prior to MIT, I worked as a software engineer, completed a Masters in CS as a Gates Scholar at Cambridge, and a Bachelor in CS from Rutgers. My research is supported by a Google Fellowship and NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

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Mavo: Creating Interactive Data-Driven Web Applications by Authoring HTML

Mavo is a language that lets anyone turn a static HTML document into a fully functioning reactive web application with data presentation, editing, storage and lightweight computation, all without writing a single line of Javascript or other programming code.
Amy Zhang

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