MIT to teach students how to make apps for Google Android - IntoMobile

Even though we still wait to see the first tangible results from the Open Handset Alliance, that doesn't stop MIT from partnering with Google to offer its students Android-based software development classes. Google folks obviously have some strong connections -- and have poured some serious cash, we might add -- at the famous institute, as despite other platforms like Windows Mobile and Symbian already holding a large share of the smartphone market, this is the first phone based development course to be offered by the school.


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Recently MIT was ranked first among universities in the country for commitment to national service. CSAIL is proud to be part of service efforts from local to international.

CSAIL Outreach Programs:

  • Imara - empowering communities through technolgy and education. Imara projects include:
    • CommuniTech - CommuniTech's mission is two-fold. Through the MIT Used Computer Factory (UCF), it provides refurbished computers to underserved families. Through Families Accessing Computer Technology (FACT), it trains those families to become familiar and comfortable with computer technology.
    • Kenya project -The Laare Community Technology Centre
    • Fiji Project - Outfitting Fiji schools with computers.
    • M.E.E.T - MEET is an initiative aimed at creating a common professional language between Israeli and Palestinian young leaders through education.
  • TEK TEK empowers low-connectivity communities by providing a full Internet experience using email as the transport mechanism

Local Programs:

Many local outreach programs proceed quietly and often, unnoticed. Students and other lab members donate time in their very busy schedules to local schools and to mentoring activities. CSAIL members participate in many outreach programs including:

  • Hapa - a group of mixed-ethnicity students at MIT that is interested in issues affecting people with mixed backgrounds
  • MSRP - MIT Summer Research Program
  • SEED - Saturday Engineering Enrichment and Discovery Academy
  • Springboard Enterprises
  • WTP - Women's Technology Program

Virtual and Physical CSAIL Tours program:

CSAIL members are also involved in the CSAIL tours program. This program is targeted at both local school groups and the general public. The tour program provides a glimpse into CSAIL research and invites students to consider careers in our disciplines.

Let Us Know What You Are Doing:

If you are are a member of the CSAIL community and are involved with an outreach program not mentioned here, or have some outreach related news to share with us please email