Geometry of Redistricting

This summer, the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group (MGGG) is hosting a workshop on the Geometry of Redistricting.  We are seeking a UROP to write software that gathers congressional districts from GIS/census sources and scores them based on compactness scores (Polsby-Popper, Reock, and others) over all 50 states in the USA.  UROPs will need to interface with geographic data, implement these different scores (includes some geometric measurements, processing of population data), and invent new visualizations to show which districts are gerrymandered or unusual.  Visualizations and demos generated by students in this effort hold potential to appear at the Geometry of Redistricting workshop (500+ attendees) and to be included in future publications arguing for fair voting procedures. 

The student will be mentored by Justin Solomon in CSAIL, jointly with colleagues at MIT and Tufts in the MGGG.  We are seeking full or part time attention throughout the summer so long as students are consistent and reliable about making progress.

Contact Name: Justin Solomon
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