Correcting autonomous vehicle mistakes using brain activity

Our objective is to learn how to use human-acquired brain activity for making
autonomous mobility safer.  We will be performing experiments using the
Distributed Robotics Lab (DRL) autonomous wheelchair to study how brain
activity collected during these experiments can be analyzed to improve the
performance of the wheelchair.  We believe that this could be very impactful
for providing optimal safety in the future for autonomous driving.

We are looking for enthusiastic UROPs with a strong work ethic that would be
excited to spend their summer helping us develop the experiments and work
with the Robot Operating System (ROS) to assist us in implementing the
experimental paradigm.  Prior experience with ROS, Python, embedded
programming, Arduinos is a plus.

Prerequisites (if any): Ideal but not required: experience with ROS, Python,
Arduinos and embedded programming is a plus!

Contact Name: Stephanie Gil

Contact Email: