CSAIL research is conducted by approximately 50 research groups organized into three high-level areas of focus: Artificial Intelligence, Systems, and Theory. Each group is composed of faculty PIs; any combination of graduate and undergraduate students, and post-docs; and research staff. Click on any group to learn more about specific research projects and current and alumni members.

Research Activities:


Center for Biological and Computational Learning
Classroom Learning Partner
Clinical Decision Making Group
Computational Biology
Computational Cognitive Science Group
Computational Genomics
Computer Graphics Group
Decentralized Information Group
Distributed Robotics Lab
Dynamic Languages Group
Imagination, Computation, and Expression Laboratory
Interactive Robotics Group
Learning and Intelligent Systems
Machine Learning
Medical Vision Group
Model-Based Embedded and Robotics Systems Group
Multimodal Understanding Group
Project Aries
Project on Mathematics and Computation
Robot Locomotion Group
Robotics, Vision and Sensor Networks
Spoken Language Systems Group
Stochastic Systems Group
The Computational Fabrication Group
Vision Interface Project
World Wide Web Consortium


Advanced Network Architecture
Computation Structures Group
Computer Architecture Group
Computer Systems Security
Cryptography and Information Security Group
Database Group
Humans and Automation Lab
Networks and Mobile Systems
Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems
Program Analysis and Compilation Group
Programming Languages and Software Engineering
Programming Methodology Group
Project on Mathematics and Computation
Software Design Group
Supertech Research Group
User Interface Design Group



Algorithms Group
Complexity Theory Group
Computation and Biology Group
Computational Connectomics Group
Cryptography and Information Security Group
Database Group
Quantum Information Science
Multicore Algorithmics
Supertech Research Group
Theory of Distributed Systems Group