Developing MIT's first Indoor Positioning System using WiFi- IAP/Spring 2017

Description: We aspire to deploy an indoor positioning system that can be used by students and visitors to navigate around buildings using their smartphones, or to find objects that have been tagged with WiFi emitters.  We have spent the past 2+ years developing the theory and now are ready to implement this in a live setting - so this is where it gets exciting!  To start, we will deploy in areas around the MIT Stata Center and/or the MIT Career Fair.  Our long-term goal with the project is to deploy this technology in hospitals to help doctors and nurses find patients, medical equipment, and other critical assets that will allow them to do their job more efficiently - providing needed care faster.


We are looking for UROPs to dive in on this project with us.  UROPs with skills in programming, mechanical and electrical engineering design are particularly welcome to apply.  Experience with laser cutting and/or 3D printing is a plus.


Contact: Stephanie Gil (