Help bring CSAIL to SXSW! Vote for our panel on data privacy

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This past year, CSAIL researchers presented a special panel on the future of computing at the 2014 edition of SXSW, the annual technology conference in Austin, Texas.

With your help, CSAIL may be headed back to Austin for SXSW 2015.

Starting today, the public can vote on the more than 3,000 proposals that have been submitted - including CSAIL's, which you can read below. (Voting is open until September 6 and requires free registration through the SXSW site.)

"Data (in)security: MIT scientists tackle privacy" would feature some of CSAIL's leading thinkers discussing the tough questions about how we can use our personal data to help solve problems without sacrificing anonymity.

Moderated by former White House adviser Danny Weitzner, the panel would include cryptography pioneer Shafi Goldwasser, big data expert Sam Madden and RSA algorithm co-inventor Ron Rivest.

Cast your vote and spread the word to help bring CSAIL back to one of the most cutting-edge technology events in the world.