Julia coding at CSAIL's Sensing, Learning and Inference group

Do you know how to code in Julia?
Do you also have some experience in either Python or Matlab?
Are you interested in computer vision, applied statistics or machine learning?
How about large-scale inference and scalable algorithms that can deal with "Big Data"?

The Sensing, Learning and Inference (SLI) group, headed by Dr. John Fisher, is looking to hire a UROP
for implementing and developing tools in the aforementioned fields.

The role includes:
1) Translating some of our in-house algorithms from Python or Matlab to
2) Julia implementations of several algorithms from the literature;
3) [Optional] involvement in developing novel state-of-the-art algorithms.

This project will be supervised by Oren Freifeld (a Postdoctoral Associate).

For more information on SLI, please visit our webpage: