A development environment for mobile apps, education, and entrepreneurship

The goal of this project is to build and test an integrated development environment where undergraduates can generate ideas for mobile applications, build prototypes, and refine these to the point where they could be the basis for launching new ventures. Students' initial design work will be done using App Inventor for Android, which enables rapid investigation of working prototype apps.

One challenge in this project is to create extension mechanisms for App Inventor so that students can smoothly bridge from their initial prototyping work to more refined use of the Android SDK. Another challenge is to create curriculum units that help learners prepare to launch new ventures. Some of these units will include interactive computer-based activities, both fully automated and
drawing upon on-line communities. There are also opportunities to design and run courses and workshop for teachers and students in China, Spain, and Brazil.

This work could be the basis for extended on-line educational offerings to a global community of learners.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Hal Abelson
Contact e-mail: hal@mit.edu
Research Area(s): Computer Systems