Policies for personal information on the Web

At CSAIL’s Decentralized Information Group, we think about information on the Web: Where it comes from, what happens to it, and what are the rules for using it. We’ve all seen stories about what people can learn about you from social networks, and the good and bad consequences of that. How can we promote good impacts of that, while minimizing risks and harmful effects? At DIG, we take the perspective that data on the Web should travel together with additional information that says where it comes from (provenance and context) and how it should be used (policy). We build to help people control the policies governing information, and we build automated reasoning systems to help determine whether information use complies with policy.

We’re looking for UROPs this summer to help us create examples good and bad data use (e.g., from Facebook or Flickr) and to build tools to help people create policies and help the Web treat data in a policy-compliant manner. To work on demos, you’ll need to know something about Web development (such as Javascript and HTML5). To work on automated reasoning, you’ll need to kow something about symbolic computing (as in 6.945). You’ll also need to learn about Semantic Web and and linked data techniques.

For more information please contact: marisol@csail.mit.edu