Collaborative Human-Robot Manufacturing Test Bed

The MIT Model-based Embedded & Robotic Systems (MERS) group is looking for talented and motivated undergraduate or MEng students to join us in our effort to push the boundaries of robotic manufacturing. Working in close collaboration with the Boeing company, our goal is to develop the technologies that will release manufacturing robots from their current repetitive tasks in highly structured environments and bring them to fluid and natural interactions with humans co-workers on the factory floor. We are seeking for students with a CS background that will help us develop our current robotic manufacturing test bed, which currently consists of a PR2 robot, two WAM manipulators, and a number of Kinect sensors used for motion capture purposes. The students will be engaged in writing a code library that will enable the software components available in our group to interface with the hardware using high-level commands such as "move from A to B while avoiding obstacles", "search for object A and grasp it", "raise your arms", etc. Knowledge of Python and/or C++ is required, while Lisp is a plus. If you wish to apply or are looking for further information about the project, please send your résumé and questions to Pedro Santana (