CSAIL's Boris Katz On NPR

CSAIL's Boris Katz On NPR
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What does Apple’s new Siri iPhone system, billed as an intelligent assistant, mean for the future of artificial intelligence? Siri allows users to speak with their iPhone, using voice commands to send messages and schedule meetings and reminders, as well as search for restaurant recommendations and directions. 
CSAIL Principal Research Scientist Boris Katz spoke with NPR about Siri, Watson and the progress of AI. While systems like Siri and Watson are useful and fun, Katz explained that we are still years away from actually understanding human intelligence and developing systems that really think like humans.
Check out the full interview here.

Katz is the inventor START, the world’s first Web-based natural language question answering system. Several years ago he also developed a system called StartMobile that allows mobile phone users to interact with their cellphones through natural language. Check out more on StartMobile here.