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CSAIL Spotlight: CSAIL hosts debate - Creativity: The Mind, Machines, and Mathematics

A celebration of the 70th anniversary of Alan Turing's seminal paper "On Computable Numbers", featuring a debate on the limits of intelligent machines and a lecture on Turing's contributions.

4:30 - 5:30pm Public Debate David Gelernter vs. Ray Kurzweil "Are we limited to building super-intelligent robotic 'zombies' or will it be possible and desirable for us to build conscious, creative, volitional, perhaps even 'spiritual' machines?"

5:30 - 6:15pm Pizza & Soda

2006 Ray Stata Student Innovation Award

Xiao Xiao is the winner of the 2006 Ray Stata Student Innovation Award for her work on developing a 3D CAD model of the interior of the Stata Center. The purpose of this award is to recognize an undergraduate student who exhibits academic and technical achievements, innovation, leadership and integrity.

All undergraduate students who participated in CSAIL's summer UROP program were eligible for the award and it carries a cash amount of $5,000.

The IMARA project

The lack of available technology resources in underserved communities is often referred to as the Digital Divide. Though much has been written about this divide, and though government agencies from many countries actively track the state of this disparity, there have been few, if any, concerted efforts to find viable ways of providing equal access to people in underserved populations.

Epoch's biennial visit

Professor John Leonard meets with members of a delegation from the Epoch Foundation, on its eighth biennial visit to MIT and CSAIL on October 4, 2006. The Epoch Foundation was established in 1990 by twenty leading companies from a range of industries in Taiwan. The aim was to integrate the resources of the private sector with the world's best academic institutions. Epoch has since tried to promote growth by focusing research on Taiwan's industrial and economic issues, regional economic cooperation, and the region's economic outlook.

NASA Robotics Internship Program Tours CSAIL

Members of the NASA Robotic internship program visited CSAIL in early August. Their tour included visits with Prof. John Leonard, Dr. Paul Robertson, Prof. Russ Tedrake and Prof. Rod Brooks.

The NASA Robotics Academy is an intensive resident summer program of higher learning for college undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing professional and leadership careers in robotics-related fields.



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