Rob Miller named to EECS' Department Leadership Group (DLG)

CSAIL researcher Rob Miller (right) has been named co-education officer for EECS' Department Leadership Group.

CSAIL's Saman Amarasinghe previously served in the position.

During his tenure, Amarasinghe developed and deployed a web-based portal for course administration that allowed students to apply for TA positions online; faculty to provide teaching and TA preferences; and education officers to make class assignments and TA selections and to provide faculty and students up-to-date information about course staffing. He was the first chair of the newly formulated Education Curriculum Committee, and under his leadership an orderly process for updating the curriculum was created. With the dramatic increase in enrollment over the past few years, Amarasinghe helped alleviate the shortage of TAs by creating the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) program in spring 2013.

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