Researchers Win OOPSLA Best Paper Award

CSAIL researchers were honored with the Best Paper Award at the 2013 Association for Computing Machinery’s Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications conference (OOPSLA) for their paper “Verifying Quantitative Reliability for Programs That Execute on Unreliable Hardware.” The paper was written by CSAIL graduate students Michael Carbin and Sasa Misailovic, and Professor Martin Rinard.
The paper describes a new programming framework that enables software developers to specify when computing errors made by smaller and less reliant transistors may be tolerable. The system then calculates the probability that the software will perform as it’s intended.
“If the hardware really is going to stop working, this is a pretty big deal for computer science,” said Rinard, in an interview with Larry Hardesty for the MIT News Office. “Rather than making it a problem, we’d like to make it an opportunity. What we have here is a … system that lets you reason about the effect of this potential unreliability on your program.”