High School Students Win Prize for Origami Algorithm

Kids, computational origami is something you can do on your own. That's what James Colovos and John Reid, two juniors at the Albuquerque Public Schools Career Enrichment Center, discovered over the past six months as they developed a computational origami science fair project with inspiration from MIT origami whiz Erik Demaine. Colovos says he heard Demaine explain computational origami on National Public Radio last fall and suggested to Reid, a pal since elementary school, that they develop their own origami algorithm from scratch as their project for the Northwest New Mexico Regional Science Fair at the University of New Mexico (UNM) in March. Their research won them a prize at that fair and a coveted spot for the two and their teacher, Ken Greenberg, at the Intel Corp. International Science Fair, which kicks off May 10 in Portland, Ore. Reid explains that the duo decided to concentrate their efforts on a subset of origami that Demaine favors -- creating a complex object out of a folded piece of paper with just one scissor cut.

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