Epoch Foundation Visits CSAIL During Biennial MIT Trip

The Epoch Foundation, an organization of more than a dozen Taiwanese conglomerates, recently made its biennial visit to MIT. During the weeklong visit, representatives of the Foundation came to CSAIL for an afternoon of exploration of some of the latest cutting-edge computer science research underway at the lab.
Visitors were treated to a series of talks on everything from the challenges of remote computing to video magnification, the global disruption of the higher education system, big data and advances in mobile spoken interaction. CSAIL researchers also provided interactive demonstrations of their latest work, including a mobile speech interface demonstration, live human computer interaction presentations, a live 3D autostereoscopic system and a new techniques for data-driven medicine.
The visit concluded with a reception and dinner in honor of the Epoch Foundation, featuring a research presentation by CSAIL Director Daniela Rus on data-driven transportation, and her personal journey of applying computer science research to help develop the future of efficient and reliable urban transportation.
At the conclusion of the day’s events, Rus toasted to another 15 years of the fruitful relationship between CSAIL and Epoch.
For more information on MIT’s relationship with the Epoch Foundation, please visit: http://global.mit.edu/projects/project/epoch-foundation/.