CSAIL Team Selected for DARPA Robotic Challenge

A team of researchers from CSAIL has been selected to compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). The group, led by Professor Seth Teller, will include co-investigators Associate Professor Russ Tedrake, Assistant Professor Julie Shah and Dr. Karl Iagnemma.
Over the next two years, teams will compete to develop and put to the test hardware and software designed to enable robots to assist humans in emergency response when a disaster strikes. Based on proposals submitted in response to a Broad Agency Announcement, DARPA has selected and will provide funding for seven teams in Track A of the DRC to develop new robotic systems containing both hardware and software and 11 teams in Track B to develop software only.
The CSAIL team will compete in Track B of the competition.

For more information on the DRC, please visit: http://www.darpa.mil/Our_Work/TTO/Programs/DARPA_Robotics_Challenge.aspx