CSAIL Researchers Discuss Illusion Vs. Reality of Robotics

In Monday’s New York Times, a few CSAIL PIs sat down to offer their views on the robotics revolution – the real, the fake, and even the Jetsons. For the average child who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, it was a tragedy to learn that The Future would probably include neither hovercars nor robotic butlers. But in our collective dejection, we may have missed the many ways in which robots have begun to gently invade our daily lives. Professors Nick Roy, Daniela Rus, Russ Tedrake and Leslie Kaelbling explain their current projects, debunk old myths, and give some insight into some of the real challenges roboticists face in bringing their work to life. We may not be at the level of the Iron Giant yet. But a great many of these applications make a very elegant transition from the television screen to the real world, making it safer and easier – and leaving us with more time to dream. To read the Times profile, click here.