CSAIL-Related 2010 IAP Offerings

This January, CSAIL faculty and staff will be offering a wide selection of courses to the community. While many are scholastic in nature, just as many demonstrate an artistic or playful side of the lab. A sample of courses can be found below. Black and White Bootcamp (Jon Proulx) Color Printing Bootcamp (Jon Proulx) Conscious Capitalism (Ken Zolot, Ralph Sorenson) Drupal Crash Course (Gartheeban Ganeshapillai) Entrepreneurial Thought and Action (Ken Zolot, Charlie Kiefer) How to Speak (Patrick Winston) Interactive Technology Design (Michael Bernstein) Intro to iPhone Application Development (Edward Benson) Israeli Folk, Section I (David Karger) Learn Processing: Java-Based Art, Information Presentation or UI Design (Mish Madsen) Linked Data Product Development Lab (K. Krasnow Waterman, Reed Sturtevant) Web-based Speech Recognition Application Competition (Ian McGraw, Sean Liu) Web Programming Competition (Rob Miller) If you're teaching a class you'd like to see included, please email adwoa@csail.mit.edu.