CSAIL IAP Welcomes Three New Members

Chevron, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Thermopylae Sciences & Technology (TST) are the newest additions to CSAIL’s Industry Affiliates Program (IAP), a consortium of industry leaders who work in collaboration with CSAIL on groundbreaking computer science and artificial intelligence research.

The latest additions to the IAP’s coalition are powerhouses in the worlds of energy and efficiency, industrial technology and software development and cyber security.

Chevron is focused on identifying safe, reliable and efficient energy sources for today’s society and future generations. ITRI, based out of Taiwan, works to develop, improve and establish the industrial technologies of the present and the future, while also focusing on transforming into a technological pioneer. TST is a woman-owned company offering software development, cyber security, geospatial application solutions and much more to its clients.

For more information on CSAIL's IAP, visit https://www.csail.mit.edu/node/1409.