CSAIL crypto experts join MIT's new Digital Currency Initiative

Today it was announced that MIT is launching a new initiative aimed at studying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Digital Currency Initiative will be led by Brian Forde, former White House senior advisor for mobile and data innovation, and will include researchers from the Media Lab and CSAIL, as well as students who are involved in the MIT Bitcoin Club, the MIT Bitcoin Project and the MIT Bitcoin Expo.

Among the participating principal investigators from CSAIL are Nickolai Zeldovich, a professor in security and distributed systems, who will be coordinating the research and academics, as well as cryptography pioneer Ron Rivest, who is co-inventor of the RSA data-encryption algorithm that is used in all modern e-commerce.

According to Forde, the initiative has three goals:

  1. Conduct research and engage more students on digital currency topics that address questions about security, stability, scalability, privacy, and economics.
  2. Convene governments, nonprofits, and the private sector to research and test concepts that have high social impact.
  3. Provide evidence-based research to support existing and future policy and standards.

Read more in Forde's Medium post: https://medium.com/@medialab/launching-a-digital-currency-initiative-238fc678aba2