CSAIL Fact Sheet

Housed in the Frank Gehry-designed Ray and Maria Stata Center for Computer, Information and Intelligence Sciences, bolstered by four decades of extraordinary discoveries, and committed to pursuing frontiers almost beyond imagining, CSAIL places computational thinking squarely in the service of human need. In so doing, lab members strive to achieve an impact as ubiquitous as computation itself. CSAIL has earned a prestigious reputation among the world’s leading computer scientists, mathematicians, and engineers through three areas of differentiation:
An entrepreneurial approach.

Ideas are CSAIL’s currency; through partnerships with industry, institutions, and other research groups, lab members refine and model ideas until they become reality. CSAIL research has spawned more than 100 technology companies, evidence of the Lab’s track record in creating innovative ideas that in turn generate substantial value.


A distinguished faculty:

Nearly one-third of CSAIL faculty are members of the U.S. national academies. CSAIL’s ranks include more than 90 professional society fellows, 7 MacArthur fellows, 7 Turing Award winners, 2 Nevanlinna Prize winners, 1 Millennium Technology Prize winner, and 1 Order of the British Empire Knight Commander Award recipient.
Fernando J. Corbato, 1990; Butler Lampson, 1992; Ronald Rivest, 2002; Barbara Liskov, 2008; Shafi Goldwasser, 2013; Silvio Micali, 2013; Michael Stonebraker, 2014
Edward Adelson, 2010; Anant Agarwal, 2013; Arvind, 2012; Bonnie Berger, 2012; Tim Berners-Lee, 2001; Rodney Brooks, 2007; Fernando J. Corbato, 1975; David Clark, 2002; Robert Fano, 1958; Shafi Goldwasser, 2001; John Guttag, 2005; Frans Kaashoek, 2012; Tom Leighton, 2003; Barbara Liskov, 2002; Andrew Lo, 2013; Nancy Lynch, 2010; Thomas Magnanti, 2000; Silvio Micali, 2003; Joel Moses, 1987; Albert Meyer, 1987; Tomaso Poggio, 1997; Ronald Rivest, 1993; Peter Shor, 2011; Madhu Sudan, 2011; Gerald Sussman, 1996; Jack Wisdom, 1992.
Tim Berners-Lee, 1998; Erik Demaine, 2003; Daniela Rus, 2002; Peter Shor, 1999; Richard Stallman, 1990; Jack Wisdom, 1994.
Anant Agarwal, 2013; Jack Dennis, 2009; Arvind, 2008; Tim Berners-Lee, 2007; Frans Kaashoek, 2006; Rodney Brooks, 2004; Victor Zue, 2004; Richard Stallman, 2002; Berthold Horn, 2002; Nancy Lynch, 2001; Gerald Sussman, 2000; Michael Stonebraker, 1998; Jerry Saltzer, 1998; Thomas Magnanti, 1991; Butler Lampson, 1984; Silvio Micali, 2007; Shafi Goldwasser, 2005; Tom Leighton, 2004; David Clark, 1996; Ronald Rivest, 1990; Barbara Liskov, 1989; Joel Moses, 1986; Fernando J. Corbato, 1976; Robert Fano, 1973.  
Peter Shor, 1998; Madhu Sudan, 2002.
A breadth of expertise:
The largest research lab at MIT, CSAIL’s expertise is drawn from the Institute’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mathematics, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Brain and Cognitive Science, Mechanical Engineering, Media Arts and Sciences, and Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences departments, and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.