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  • Knighthood for "Father of the Web"

    LONDON, England (CNN) -- The computer wizard dubbed the "father of the World Wide Web" is to receive a knighthood for services to the Internet.

    Tim Berners-Lee invented the information superhighway known as the Web, which allows anyone with a computer and browser to use the Internet....

  • Get Me Rewrite! Hold On, I'll Pass You to the Computer

    In the famous sketch from the TV show "Monty Python's Flying Circus,'' the actor John Cleese had many ways of saying a parrot was dead, among them, "This parrot is no more," "He's expired and gone to meet his maker," and "His metabolic processes are now history."

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  • Mother of Invention - Virtual cow fences and self-reconfiguring automatons are just two of MIT roboticist Daniela Rus's visions

    The old Star Trek intro had it all wrong. In the world of the future, the one envisioned by MIT computer scientist and robot builder Daniela Rus, outer space won't be the place to ogle humanity's whiz-bang technology. You'll just plant your feet in a cow field. In Rus's future world, cows wear...

  • A Robotic Assistant in Need of Legs Gets Some Wheels

    IF she could buy a pair of legs for $5,000, Una-May O'Reilly would probably do it. No doubt a nice set of working limbs would help Cardea, the humanoid robot she is building at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, look the part.

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  • Prof. Barbara Liskov wins the 2004 IEEE John von Neumann Medal

    On Thursday December 18th CSAIL and EECS faculty gathered to congratulate Prof. Barbara Liskov on winning the 2004 IEEE John von Neumann Medal. Pictured are CSAIL Lab co-director Prof. Victor Zue, EECS Associate Dept. Head Prof. Barbara Liskov, and CSAIL director Prof. Rodney Brooks. The IEEE...

  • Digital, P.I.

    Pamela Lipson can be forgiven for sounding a bit like the announcer in that classic comedy sketch who praises a new miracle foam: Shimmer is a floor wax! And a dessert topping! Get Lipson going, and the 36-year-old co-founder and president of Imagen will gush about how her product can...

  • Software paraphrases sentences

    We paraphrase all the time, often without thinking about it. Try to give a computer the means to reword a sentence, however, and it becomes apparent that figuring out how to say it differently is complicated.

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  • You Can Bet on Idea Markets

    In July 2003, idea markets made an unexpected appearance in the headlines as the Pentagon was taken to task for its plan to use one to help pinpoint potential terrorism targets. The market would have allowed participants to trade opinions on where terrorists were most likely to strike in much...

  • RFID Backers, Privacy Advocates Seek Common Ground

    Both sides appeared to agree that consumers must be given notice if the chips are used on individual products and need to be educated about RFID's benefits and potential for misuse.

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  • "Polyhedron Man" to share his passions at MIT

    If a polyhedron were flat, MIT's next artist-in-residence would have the shape emblazoned on his chest. Alumnus George W. Hart is "polyhedron man," the sculptor, scholar, engineer, educator, computer scientist and mathematical magician whose passion for the three-dimensional form with flat...

  • With Cable TV at M.I.T., Who Needs Napster?

    Two students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a system for sharing music within their campus community that they say can avoid the copyright battles that have pitted the music industry against many customers.

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  • Breathing life into messy sketches

    Smart software will soon breathe life into our messy freehand sketches, revolutionizing the way designers work and children study.

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  • Unfolding the field of computational origami

    The news this week that 22-year-old Canadian scientist Erik Demaine had won a $500,000 (U.S.) MacArthur Foundation "genius" award partly for research into "computational origami" may have evoked more than a few "huhs" in the minds of non-technical people.

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  • Agents of creation - Artificial "agents" can model complex systems

    They certainly cannot be faulted for a lack of ambition. The scientists and engineers who gathered this week in Oxford for the first International Workshop on Complex Agent-Based Dynamic Networks are seeking to explain much of the world's behaviour through the use of “agents”. In this context,...

  • Prof. Erik Demaine receives a "genius" grant from the MacArthur Fellows Program

    A 22-year-old MIT professor whose work fuses art, science, work and play is the recipient of a $500,000 MacArthur Fellowship, commonly known as the "genius" grant.

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  • Technology Review TR-100 Top Young Innovators Under 35 for 2003

    Technology Review honors one CSAIL faculty member and five CSAIL alumni as members of their TR-100 top young innovators under 35.

  • MIT Everyware

    Every lecture, every handout, every quiz. All online. For free. Meet the global geeks getting an MIT education, open source-style.

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  • Smart Software Makes Sense of Rough Sketches

    Intelligent software that brings rough sketches to life in a virtual world is promising to revolutionise the way children learn and to help engineers visualise their designs.

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  • Shape Shifters Tread a Daunting Path Toward Reality

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  • World's poor to get own search engine

    People in poor countries could soon have a new and cheap way to get hold of the wealth of information on the internet.

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  • Pentagon Alters LifeLog Project

    Monday is the deadline for researchers to submit bids to build the Pentagon's so-called LifeLog project, an experiment to create an all-encompassing über-diary.

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  • Robotics: Cognitive Machines

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  • LCS and AI Labs Merge

    The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Laboratory for Computer Science both grew out of Project Mac which was founded exactly forty years earlier on July 1, 1963. The photos on the left are from a celebration of the two events (on June 23, 2003), when a joint birthday cake was cut by Bob...