Recipients of the National Academy of Engineering Member Award

As the largest lab at MIT, with the highest percentage of faculty who are members of the National Academies, it is not surprising that so many of our researchers have been honored for their work with the world's most prestigious prizes and awards. Over the years, our faculty and our students have been internationally recognized by countless bodies here and abroad, proving CSAIL's stature and impact. As of October 2017, CSAIL boasts the following highly distinguished honors out of the hundreds our people have received:
Victor Zue2004
Gerald Sussman2000
Michael Stonebraker1998
Richard Stallman2002
Jerry Saltzer1998
Daniela Rus2015
Ronald Rivest1990
Joel Moses1986
Silvio Micali2007
Thomas Magnanti1991
Nancy Lynch2001
Barbara Liskov1989
Charles Leiserson2016
Tom Leighton2004
Butler Lampson1984
Dina Katabi2017
Frans Kaashoek2006
Berthold Horn2002
Shafi Goldwasser2005
Robert Fano1973
Jack Dennis2009
F. J. Corbato1976
David Clark1996
Rodney Brooks2004
Tim Berners-Lee2007
Hari Balakrishnan2015
Anant Agarwal2013


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