MEng Thesis Research Opportunities

Research assistantships for students working on a Masters of Engineering (MEng) thesis may be available with these CSAIL research projects. If you are interested, contact the researchers involved in these projects directly through their websites.

Note: MEng thesis research opportunities are open only to current MIT MEng students.

  • Nowadays, all sorts of shady companies are collecting information about your browsing activities and using it for their own mysterious purposes. How could that information be used to your benefit? We propose to build Eyebrowse, a web browser extension that gathers information about your web browsing activities and shares that information (under your control) with others to mutual benefit. Potential applications include discovering interesting new web sites based on the browsing activity of your friends, improving web navigation by blazing trails to the important parts of web sites,...

    Posted date: May 15, 2013
  • Automated quantitative analysis of animal behavior is an important tool for assessing the effects of diseases, drugs, gene mutations, and perturbations in neural circuits. Automating behavioral analysis addresses the inherent limitations of human assessment (time, cost, and reproducibility) and allows researchers to study behaviors over longer time scales than typically studied.
    Developed from a computational model of motion processing in the primate visual cortex, we built a computer vision system to recognize a typical set of 8 behaviors of single mice in the home cage (see...

    Posted date: March 15, 2012