Joining CSAIL

CSAIL is the largest lab at MIT, which means more opportunities to learn, contribute, and achieve. Our goal is to create computational solutions that benefit humanity, and our accomplished faculty have won hundreds of the most prestigious international awards for research. If you would like the chance to help fulfill our important mission by working with our faculty as a student or post-doc, or by supporting them as a staff member, follow the appropriate links for more information.

Prospective and Current MIT Students

MIT MEng Candidates

UROP Openings

Applying to MIT (Graduate Students)

Applying to MIT (Undergraduate Students)

Interns and research assistants: CSAIL generally does not accept interns, especially non-MIT students. In the rare event a faculty member chooses to take on an intern, strong preference is given to students who have been admitted to MIT. Similarly, research assistant positions are typically filled internally by graduate students.

Prospective Postdocs

Postdoc opportunities at CSAIL

Prospective Staff

Staff Opportunities at CSAIL

Before You Arrive at CSAIL

If you have already been accepted at CSAIL, welcome! Before you start, there are a number of administrative and legal issues to review regarding registration, obtaining an ID card, becoming oriented with policies and procedures, and completing all necessary forms and agreements. Much of the information you need can be found online and should be brought with you on your first day at CSAIL.