Remco Chang- User-Centric Visual Analytics

Visual analytics is a fast growing discipline that combines visualization, interaction, and data analysis in solving large and complex problems that require human understanding and analysis. Since its inception, the field has mostly focused on the design of visual interfaces applied to domain-specific problems, but less so on the consideration of an integrated human and automated visual analysis environment. In this talk, I will discuss the role of the user in a visual analytics process. Specifically, the talk will cover four connected projects at the Visual Analytics Lab at Tufts (VALT) with an emphasis on how these projects consider the role of the user in decision making, information retrieval, and knowledge discovery. The goals of these four projects are to: 1) analyze how individual differences between users can affect their ability to use visualizations; 2) alter the user's behavior in a visualization through cognitive priming; 3) record the user’s interactions to reflect their analytical reasoning; and 4) quantitatively extract a user’s domain knowledge through interactions.