AI Films

#1 Day 1 Book (AI Film #89)
Eye tracking on a 340 display.

Bubbles (AI Film #48)
Various animated Bubble arrangements on a computer screen.

Display Turtle (AI Film #49)
A randomly positioned point plotting display, that is running on a Supernova machine.

Pornis Scraps (AI Film #55)
A look at a small scanning program, various scans running on a computer, and people working on a PDP10 station.

Logo Arrow Display Two (AI Film #65)
A video of a arrow display from the Supernova computer.

Krakauer's CN Tour + random people (AI Film #66)
A look at a raster screen, and scans of different people.

Assorted Display Programming Clips (AI Film #96)
This film shows several clips of display-based programs, including LOGO, a series of circular stars being generated, and several varieties of worm simulation.