AI Films

Optical ARM (AI Film #80)
A look at an optical ARM from 1969. It shows the Optical Arm doing various tasks.

Robotic Arm (AI Film #87)
A robotic arm working with cubes, with computer animation of what the robotic arm sees.

Arm & Cube (AI Film #93)
This film clip is rather overexposed, but it attempts to show a robot arm moving cubes around. It then moves to a section which appears to be about contour tracing on a fake hand.

Various MIT AI Lab Research (AI Film #4)
The fourth film begins with a robot arm manipulating some toy blocks on a table. The arm/hand appears to have at least five degrees of freedom. The arm swings horizontally around the post where it is attached, raises and lowers vertically, and extends or contracts horizontally; thus it can put its 'hand' anywhere in 3-space. The hand consists of two opposed graspers that open and close. They also rotate around the axis that is the center of the graspers so they can grasp a block in any vertical direction, and the wrist can also rotate around a horizontal axis to put the graspers at an angle other than vertical.

Robot Arm and Chess Game (AI Film #13)
The first part of this film shows the robotic AMF arm doing cube-stacking work. The second half shows a gentleman playing chess against a computer.

Chess Game & Players (AI Film #63)
A look at a chess game running on a 340, and various important researchers studying.

Teaching with LOGO (AI Film #8)
This film depicts kids playing with a Logo Turtle (both an actual one, similar to Grey Walter's design, and one simulated on screen). Seymour Papert is shown discussing with the kids how to draw an elephant using a Logo program. Children demonstrate the Logo philosophy by teaching each other how to achieve various graphical, musical and rhythm effects using Logo programs.

LOGO Turtle (AI Film #17)
This film shows a computer-generated surface and the functioning large LOGO turtle.

LOGO Turtle Drawing (AI Film #22)
This film shows the large LOGO turtle drawing things.