AI Films

MIT AI Lab Arms (AI Film #7)
This film shows a fairly conventional robot arm being manipulated by a joystick. Then it moves on to show the "Minsky-Bennett arm" that used to hang in the 9th floor machine room at Tech Square being manipulated by Minsky to reproduce his movement of a joystick. This was a high-speed, high-powered hydraulically driven arm with many joints and degrees of freedom. Minsky shows his faith in the device by having it wrap around a young girl. Later, another person drives the arm, which is at this point shrouded in a tube looking like an elephant's trunk.

Minsky Arm (AI Film #43)
A view of the different elements in the artificial intelligence lab used to create the Minsky Arm.

Fun with Minsky Arm (AI Film #61)
The film begins with an unidentified segment that looks like either a version of the eye-following game or a virtual table. It then cuts to a longer clip of Marvin Minsky's secretary Lucy riding on the Minsky-Bennett arm. According to Rick Greenblatt, she was "a very petite woman," so she was easily supported by the arm.

Assembling a Radial Bearing (AI Film #41)
A robot from the MIT CSAIL laboratory 1975 programmed to assemble a radial bearing. An automated cart moves to a position to deliver parts to the arm. The arm is able to find the part it needs from the various parts. Then the cart moves to a position that makes the project within the reach of the arm. The arm then screws in the part that it is holding, to a predetermined amount of torque stress.

Butterfinger (AI Film #42)
Description of the Fall of 1967 Stanford Artificial intelligence Butterfinger project developed by Karl Pingle, Jeff Singer, Bill Wichman

GOSPER AMF Blocks (AI Film #14)
This film is of the robotic AMF arm; a researcher puts a cube in its hand, and it then manipulates it. Other shots show the computer simulation of the arm and hand as it calculates how to control the arm.

Early Robot Cube Stacking (AI Film #19)
This film shows the AMF arm manipulating blocks.

Early Robot Cube Stacking (AI Film #20)
Another clip of the AMF arm stacking blocks. It operates blindly, with no computer vision.

RWG Robot stack and sort (AI Film #51)
Calibration of the RWG robot, and the RWG Robot picking up various items.