AI Films

Project MAC (AI Film #104)
This film contains clips of research that was going on at Project MAC when it was shot. It contains clips of the AMF arm doing cube stacking, MacHack, and other projects.

Consort (AI Film #103)
This appears to be about a program that does balancing with the large frame and various tall objects that are placed on it. It balances a steel rod, a steel T and eventually a wine glass on a tabletop.

Ernst Arm- MH-1: A Computer-Controlled Mechanical Hand (AI Film #15)
A view of Ernst arm, and video of the first computer with a CPU.

Visual Guidance of a Mobile Robot (AI Film #12)
An early robot with lights and a light sensor mounted on it uses this feedback system to find a pained line on the floor and navigate using it.

Stanford AI Lab Arm (AI Film #6)
The sixth film shows a robot arm using touch/force feedback that is able to do some sophisticated tasks: (1) pick up a block after the experimenter has moved it to a new location, (2) align a block it is holding with one the robot wants to put it on by tapping the target supporting block to find its position, (3) stack blocks on top of a narrow base without knocking them over, (4) grasp blocks held in the experimenter's hand, (5) insert a tight-fitting cylinder into a round hole by tilting and sliding it, using force feedback, and (6) turning a crank handle.

Optical Arm (AI Film #84)
The AMF arm callibrating itself, and arranging some blocks.

Teaching a Robot via Tactile Feedback (AI Film #11)
This film shows a researcher experimenting with a robot with an arm whose edge is designed to give it tactile feedback.