Robert Morris

Robert Morris


Robert Morris is an assistant professor in MIT's EECS department and a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He received a PhD from Harvard University for work on modeling and controlling networks with large numbers of competing connections. As a graduate student he helped design and build an ARPA-funded ATM switch with per-circuit hop-by-hop flow control. He led a mobile communication project which won a best student paper award from USENIX. He co-founded Viaweb, an e-commerce hosting service. His current interests include modular software-based routers, analysis of the aggregation behavior of Internet traffic, and scalable ad-hoc routing.


  • Jinyang Li, John Jannotti, Douglas S. J. De Couto, David R Karger, Robert Morris, “A Scalable Location Service for Geographic Ad Hoc Routing”, ACM Mobicom 2000, Boston, MA.
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  • Lin, D., And Morris, R., “Dynamics of Random Earl Detection,” SIGCOMM 1997 Conference.


  • Association for Computing Machinery: Fellow (2014)
  • ACM Special Interest Group on Operating Systems: Hall of Fame Award (2013)
  • ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles: Best Paper (2013)
  • ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communications: Test of Time Award (2011)
  • Association for Computing Machinery: SIGOPS - Mark Weiser Award (2010)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: William R. Bennett Prize Paper Award (2004)
  • National Science Foundation: Career Award (2003)
  • Association for Computing Machinery: Best Paper Award| SOSP '99 (1999)