Bonnie Berger

Bonnie Berger


Bonnie Berger is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with a joint appointment in Computer Science in EECS. She is also head of the Computation and Biology group and member of the Theory of Computation group at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). After beginning her career working in algorithms at MIT, she was one of the pioneer researchers in the area of computational molecular biology and, together with the many students she has mentored, has been instrumental in defining the field. She has won numerous awards and honors including: member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the NIH Margaret Pittman Director's Lecture Award, Biophysical Society's Dayhoff Award, inclusion in Technology Review Magazine's inaugural TR100 as a top young innovator, ACM Fellow, ISCB Fellow, RECOMB Test of Time Award, NSF Career Award, as well as, recently, Honorary Doctorate from EPFL and elected to American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) College of Fellows. She currently serves as Vice President of ISCB, as Head of the steering committee for RECOMB, and on the NIGMS Advisory Council.


  • D. Yorukoglu, Y. W. Yu, J. Peng and B. Berger. “Compressive Mapping for Next-Generation Sequencing.” Nature Biotechnology, (2016) accepted for publication.
  • C. Alberti, N. Daniels, M. Hernaez, J. Voges, R. L. Goldfeder, A. A. H. Lopez, M. Mattavelli and B. Berger. “An Evaluation Framework for Lossy Compression of Genome Sequencing Quality Values” This paper has been accepted to the IEEE DCC conference for presentation, (2016).
  • G. Tucker, P-R. Loh, I. M. MacLeod, B. J. Hayes, M. E. Goddard, B. Berger and A. L. Price. “Two variance component model improves genetic prediction in family data sets.” AJHG in press,(2016).
  • G.-w. Chirn, R. Rahman, Y. A. Sytnikova, J. A. Matts, M. Zeng, D. Gerlach, M. Yu, B. Berger, M. Naramura, B. T. Kile and N. C. Lau “Conserved piRNA Expression from a Distinct Set of piRNA Cluster Loci in Eutherian Mammals.” PLOS Genetics, in press, (2016).


  • American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering: Fellow (2016)
  • American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering: Fellow (2016)
  • École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne: Honorary Doctorate (2015)
  • Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering: Elected American Institute for Medical and BiologicalFellows (2015)
  • International Society for Computational Biology: Fellow (2012)
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Fellow (2012)
  • National Institute of Health: NIH Director's Margaret Pittman Lecture for Outstanding Scientific Achievement & Lectureship (2012)
  • Association for Computing Machinery: Fellow (2003)
  • Technology Review: 100 Brilliant Young Innovators (1999)
  • Biophysical Society: Dayoff Award (1998)
  • 8th International Conference on Radiation Effects in Insulators (with Hobbs Sreeram Jesurum).: Best Paper Award (Image and Multimedimensional Signal (1995)
  • National Science Foundation: Career Award (1995)
  • MIT: George M. Sprowles Prize (1990)