Howard Shrobe

Howard Shrobe
  • Position: Principal Research Scientist
  • Office: 32-225
  • Phone: +1 (617) 253-7877
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  • Areas of Study: Classic AI-Bio
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  • Last Update: October 21, 2009
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Dr. Howard Shrobe is the head of the Intelligent Room research group. He is a Principal Research Scientist and past Associate Director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He has conducted research on the application of Knowledge-Based systems technology to a variety of Engineering domains including Software Engineering and VLSI design.

Dr. Shrobe served as the Chief Scientist of the Information Technology Office at DARPA from 1994 - 1997. He also served as the Vice President of Technology at Symbolics Inc. from 1989 - 1992. Dr. Shrobe Received his PhD from MIT in 1978 for work done in the Programmer's Apprentice Project.