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  • Position: Graduate Student
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  • Areas of Study: CyberSecurity, Cyber/Physical Systems, Critical Infrastructure, IoT, Electric Grids, Water Networks, Transportation Systems, Network Security
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  • Last Update: February 23, 2017
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Greg is an MIT PhD Candidate working on cyber/physical system cybersecurity at CSAIL with Dr. Howard Shrobe. His research focuses on the technical, managerial and policy components of cybersecurity for urban critical infrastructure and industrial internet of things technologies. At MIT, his work is in conjunction with the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT Sloan and MIT's Geospatial Data Center. He and Dr. Shrobe have received an NSF Eager Grant for their pioneering work in cyber/physical system, IIoT cybersecurity. Greg is also an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University where he teaches classes in Computer Science, Smart Cities/Sustainability, IoT, and Big Data. Greg has worked as an executive at Accenture for many years where he co-founded their Smart Cities business. Greg is an inventor and has developed several start-up ventures. He has lectured for the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, University of Tokyo, Cambridge University and presented at the opening bell of the Toronto Stock Exchange. His interests and expertise are highly interdisciplinary and he enjoys working on transformative, disruptive technologies.

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