Seth Teller

Seth Teller
  • Position: Professor
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  • Phone: +1 (617) 258-7885
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  • Areas of Study: Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Location-Aware Computing
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  • Last Update: January 6, 2014
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Seth Teller obtained a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in 1992, focusing on accelerated rendering of complex architectural environments. After post-doctoral fellowships at the Computer Science Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute of Computer Science, and Princeton University's Computer Science Department, Teller joined MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Lab for Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence Lab in 1994. (In 2004, the two labs merged into CSAIL, MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.)

At CSAIL, Teller heads the Robotics, Vision, and Sensor Networks group (RVSN), where his research focuses on enabling machines to become aware of their surroundings and interact naturally with people. Some of his lab's recent projects include: hand-held and body-worn devices that provide navigation assistance indoors; a voice-commandable robotic wheelchair; a self-driving LandRover; and an unmanned, outdoor forklift commanded through speech and gestures.


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  • MIT IEEE/ACM Student Club: Best Undergraduate Academic Advisor (2014)
  • DARPA: DRC Team qualified as part of the Virtual Robotics Challenge (2013)
  • DARPA: MIT Team Qualified for DRC Finals (2013)
  • CAAD 07: Best Presentation (2007)
  • Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems: Best paper (2004)
  • International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia: Best paper (2001)
  • Sloan Foundation: Fellow (1997)
  • National Science Foundation: Career Award (1995)
  • UC Berkeley: Samuel Silver Research Award (1992)