Over more than 50 years, CSAIL has eagerly engaged in collaborative research partnerships with government agencies and leading technology companies. These partnerships benefit from shared goals and resources, and have resulted in significant technological advances and innovative new solutions. Here are some current partnerships in which we are involved.

The Computer Science Research Program is a joint research program between CSAIL and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) to advance the field of computer science. Scientists from both organizations will undertake a variety of core computer science research projects, with the goal of developing innovative solutions that can have a broad and meaningful impact.

Foxconn, the largest contract manufacturer of electronics worldwide, which employs more than 450,000 people in China and is that country’s largest exporter, is working with CSAIL.

Nokia, the world leader in mobile communications, is involved in a collaboration with CSAIL around a research initiative called The Mobile Ecosystem 2012. This initiative comprises a number of individual research projects aimed at enabling Nokia phone users to have more intuitive and integrated interactions with their phones – as well as between their phones and other computing devices.

Northrop Grumman Corporation, an industry leader in all aspects of computer network operations and cyber security, is working with CSAIL as part of their Cybersecurity Research Consortium. The consortium will take on some of the world's leading cyber problems including attribution in cyberspace, supply chain risk, and securing critical infrastructure networks.

The "TCSC" partnership between MIT, Tsinghua University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has formed a virtual Theoretical Computer Science Center with the purpose of conducting collaborative research.



Celebrating 10 years of QUANTA and CSAIL partnership with Project Qmulus, a collaboration with Quanta Computer, explores the development of an integrated virtual information environment enabling people to interface with their laptops, phones, televisions, cameras, and MP3 players from any universal device, anywhere in the world.

Project Angstrom was a research collaboration with Freescale, Mercury Computer Systems and Lockheed Martin to design the next generation of computer systems built to handle the challenges of exascale computing. This DARPA-funded project also includes researchers from MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories, Research Laboratory of Electronics, Microphotonics Center, and the University of Maryland.

Project Oxygen was a lab-wide series of project focusing on developing network, software, perceptual, and user technology systems that truly serve people by being pervasive, adaptable, and intentional. Oxygen was sponsored by Acer, Delta Electronics, Hewlett-Packard, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Nokia Research Center, Philips Research, and DARPA.


Industrial sponsors interested in developing a collaborative research partnership with CSAIL should contact Lori Glover, Managing Director-Alliances CSAIL at Information regarding standard contractual terms for CSAIL research partnerships may be viewed by clicking the sample contract below.

Research Agreement for Industrial Sponsors located in the USA

Research Agreement for Industrial Sponsors located outside the USA