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MIT Professional Education – Short Programs Provides Opportunities to Learn Directly from CSAIL Faculty


This summer MIT Professional Education – Short Programs is offering a number of 2-5 day short courses taught by MIT faculty and experts, including several by members of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. These courses provide an opportunity to learn crucial knowledge and skills from some of the top experts in their respective fields, in areas of MIT expertise. For complete details on all of the available courses, visit the Short Programs web site at http://web.mit.edu/professional/short-programs/index.html.
Below is a list of courses taught by members of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory:

Leadership Skills for Engineering and Science Faculty [PI.61s]
June 18-19, 2012 | $1,600 | 1.4 CEUs
Lead Instructors: Charles Leiserson, Chuck McVinney
Human-centered strategies for leading effective teams in academic, engineering environments. Using interactive role-playing activities, self-assessment instruments and group discussions, you will develop a repertoire of techniques for addressing issues that commonly arise within engineering research groups and teaching staff.

Cryptography and Computer Security [6.87s]
August 6-10, 2012 | $3,500 | 2.8 CEUs
Lead Instructors: Shafi Goldwasser, Mihir Bellare
Discover how cryptography can be used to meet challenges posed by the internet. Covers privacy, authentication and key distribution, as well as the design of secure protocols for applications such as e-commerce and electronic voting.


For more information about the MIT Professional Education Short Programs, please visit http://web.mit.edu/professional/short-programs/index.html.