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CSAIL Enrichment Fund (3841955).

Giving to the CSAIL Discretionary Enrichment Fund provides the Lab with unrestricted funds that can be used to help meet our most pressing needs. These gifts create opportunities, help keep CSAIL at the forefront of the field and improve quality of life in the Lab. Example projects and activities that are financed through your generous giving include student activities, annual events, career development activities, lecture series, UROP support for MIT undergraduate students, and new research facilities.

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CSAIL Life (3841965).

Giving to the CSAIL Life fund provides support for maintaining and fostering a thriving community. Example projects and activities financed by your generous support include student activities, annual events, career development activities, and community-building activities for postdocs, faculty, staff and students.

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CSAIL Research (3841980).

Giving to the CSAIL Research fund provides support of the research programs at CSAIL. Example projects and activities financed by your generous support include lecture series, colloquium talks, seeding of new projects, UROP support for MIT undergraduate students to participate in cutting edge research projects specifically, and support for CSAIL research facilities and infrastructure .

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CSAIL Innovation (3841960).

Provides support for industrial partnerships.

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Kanako Miura Memorial Fund (3892950).

Gifts in memory of MIT visiting scientist Dr. Kanako Miura to support CSAIL Robotics.

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CSAIL Student Activities Committee Fund (2721316).

Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the CSAIL Student Social Committee. This committee allocates money for CSAIL student activities and raises general CSAIL student issues with the head of CSAIL.

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Seth Teller Memorial Fund (3919430)

The Seth Teller Memorial Fund supports research, education and other innovations that advance and improve assistive technology for people with a range of disabilities.

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As CSAIL celebrates more than 50 years since Project MAC, its precursor, we are reflecting on the lab’s revolutionary history.  We would like to keep in touch with alumni and lab friends, updating you on the latest news from CSAIL and informing you of upcoming events.
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CSAIL is the largest research laboratory at MIT, and has served as an engine of innovation since its founding as Project MAC in 1963. Lab members have played an instrumental role in the technology revolution of the past few decades, and were essential in the development of everything from time-shared computing, the spreadsheet and RSA encryption to much of the technology underlying the ARPANet, Internet, Ethernet, and the World Wide Web. By supporting CSAIL, you are actively helping us continue our 50-year tradition of excellence, and ensuring that we are able to continue making game-changing computer science contributions in the future.