Epoch Foundation Visit

Epoch Foundation Visit
Photo: Jason Dorfman, CSAIL Photographer
The Epoch foundation meets in CSAIL during an introduction by Director Victor Zue
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On Wednesday, September 24th, CSAIL played host to a delegation from Taiwan’s Epoch Foundation. After being introduced by Director Victor Zue, professors Antonio Torralba, Seth Teller, Dina Katabi, Ron Rivest and John Guttag each presented an ongoing research project before the group. The visit ended with demonstrations of the Capstone Project, Language Learning, Chickenfoot, and the DARPA Grand Challenge vehicle.

The foundation, now in its eighteenth year, aims to combine the research power of elite educational institutions with the resources of the private sector. It was formed by twenty companies, encompassing a broad spectrum of industries, in order to support economic and industrial development. Its partnership with the lab began in 1998 with the aim of focusing on information technology, but this relationship has broadened over the years to encompass a much wider range of innovation.