The MIT App Inventor project - Summer 2016

The MIT App Inventor project, aims at making it possible for anyone to create mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, even school children and people who have never programmed.  The MIT App Inventor platform lets people build mobile app using a drag-and-drop interface where they piece together program “blocks” to create applications that have the full power of mobile computing.

More than 300,000 people use our MIT App Inventor server to create apps each month.  About half of these users are in schools.  Overall, we hosts over 4 million people from almost 200 countries, who among them have built 13 million apps.   Our goal is that people should experience mobile computing as tool builders and creators, not just consumers of products that others have built.

There’s a wide variety of ways you can participate in the project. From the education side, we’re looking for people who would like to create new educational resources and to curate the large variety of App Inventor resources that people around the world have created. There’s an opportunity to do educational research by data mining the logs generated when apps are made and used. There are opportunities to do work with teachers and students as trainers and coaches.

On the more technical side, App Inventor is a large and complex software system based on Google AppEngine and implemented in Java and Javascript and using the Android SDK.   There are many opportunities to contribute to is, ranging from curriculum design, to language implementation, to extending the platform, to hardcore back-end systems work.

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