Modeling and 3D printing of echolocation rig components - Summer 2016

Project Title: Modeling and 3D printing of echolocation rig components

Project Description: This UROP position is part of an ongoing effort in the Computational Perception and Cognition group at CSAIL to prototype a wearable research tool and mobility aid based on ultrasonic sonar signals. Custom components to be fabricated fall into two main categories: (1) housings and other support structures for various components of the rig; and (2) critically, receivers for appropriate filtering of the ultrasonic echoes.

Responsibilities: The commitment starts at 4-6 hours per week and scales from there. Baseline responsibilities are to work with other team members to determine what components are needed, then model and fabricate them in a timely and responsive fashion. Potential for deeper and more extended work is contingent on mutual interest, progress, and fit.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with CAD or other 3D modeling software (e.g. Solidworks, OnShape) and 3D printing. Further, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the project and team, an ability to work independently and flexibly with colleagues across disciplines is essential.

Please contact us with any questions:
Postdoc supervisor: Santani Teng,

Faculty supervisor: Aude Oliva,