Haystack group UROP Openings - Summer 2016

The Haystack group develops tools that help people manage their
information more effectively.  We have created and deployed a number of
open source web applications that have seen significant adoption.  I am
seeking UROPs with experience and interest in maintaining and extending
these projects.   There are research opportunities available, as well as
engineering challenges in refactoring large systems, incorporating new
and better frameworks, reducing our custom code footprint by adopting
standard libraries, enhancing the design of web interfaces, and
improving the user experience.   Students should expect to devote
substantial time to exploring and understanding large, unwieldy
codebases before diving in to make them wieldy.

The systems that need work include:

* NB ( http://nb.mit.edu/ ), a tool for annotation and discussion of
class materials like lecture notes, currently used by thousands of
students in hundreds of university classes around the world

* Simile Exhibit and Timeline ( http://simile-widgets.org/exhibit ) ,
data visualization libraries with millions of hits on several thousand
web sites

* Listit ( http://listit.csail.mit.edu/ ), an note-taking/todo-list
browser extension adopted by thousands of users

* Tipsy, ( http://tipsy.news ) a tool to help  people donate money to
web sites they like

* Picker ( http://picker.mit.edu/ ), the interactive MIT course catalog

There are several other interesting systems with smaller user
populations (http://haystack.csail.mit.edu/projects.html ).

Interested students should  preferably have experience with web
development---Javascript most of all, with Django over Python also useful.

Send a resume and transcript to karger@mit.edu