UROP Project: Mobility Electronic Market for Optimized Travel (MeMOT)

MeMOT aims to influence travelers’ trip making, mode, route, departure time choices and driving style toward system-wide optimal travel behavior and energy consumption. MeMOT is an app-based travel incentive tool designed to influence users’ travel choices by offering them real-time information and rewards.

The project involves the development of a smartphone app that provides a trip menu of options to users, each associated with tokens that are the travel incentive mechanism. Users select specific option that corresponds to their desired transportation mode. The app then monitors the user’s movements and  detect if the chosen option has been adhered to. Finally, the app accesses a marketplace where tokens can be traded, allowing users’ travel choices to be nudged for system-wide optimizations of travel behavior.

Prerequisites or requirements for the position:

  • Android phone app programming
  • Familiarity with phone sensors for activity tracking

The name of your department/lab/center:


The name of the MIT UROP Faculty Supervisor:

  • Li-Shiuan Peh (EECS) and Moshe Ben-Akiva (CEE)

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