Watch CSAIL's robots revolt in Ice Bucket Challenge

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Now we know what happens when an MIT computer scientist receives an Ice Bucket Challenge - the robots revolt!

This week a researcher from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab became a less-than-willing participant in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge who gets kidnapped by some of CSAIL’s walking, talking, flying robots.

In the video, CSAIL graduate student Ross Finman watches former PhD student Hordur Johannsson single him out to participate in the challenge. Finman soon becomes the target of many of CSAIL’s robots, including a crawling “TurtleBot”, a flying quadrotor and a PR2 research robot that ties up Finman and does the honors of emptying the bucket.

The PR2 then challenges CSAIL researcher John Leonard, MIT professor Anantha Chandrakasan and Ross’ brother Eric.

Visit the ALS Association website for more information on the challenge and how to donate.