Research Opportunities for MIT Students in Educational Technology and Mobile Computing

The MIT Center for Mobile Learning (a joint project of CSAIL and the Media Lab) has fall 2014 RAs and UROP positions for work in mobile computing and education. The research involves MIT App Inventor, a Web-based development environment for creating original apps for Android smartphones and tablets. The system is intended for people without programming experience, including high school and middle school students, college non-computer science students, and hobbyists.

Our group runs a large-scale public Web service, with 1.9 million users, that lets people all over the world create their own mobile applications, and lets schools all over the world include mobile computing in their middle and high school curriculum.

UROP projects can range anywhere from developing new curriculum and programming language features and trying these with kids and teachers, to doing critical systems development and design work on a global-scale Web service for tens of thousands of users.

We're looking for people who are interested in educational technology and who also have skills in Java and/or Javascript. Experience with the Android OS would be a definite plus.
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