“YouTube for MOOCs” reinvents how online learners watch videos

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What 7 million clicks tell us about how to fix online education
A "YouTube for MOOCs," LectureScape re-invents the video-watching experience

The rise of online education and massively open online courses (MOOCs) have prompted much naysaying on their effectiveness, with detractors citing single-digit completion rates and short-lived pilot programs.

Amidst all the arguments about “flipped classrooms” and “hybrid learning,” however, few people have actually analyzed what makes MOOCs work (or fail): the content. Online learners spend most of their time watching videos — but are the videos any good?

LectureScape is a “YouTube for MOOCs” video platform developed by CSAIL researchers that uses data on viewing behavior — particularly the “interaction peaks” that correspond to points of interest or confusion — to present lecture videos in a way that’s more intuitive, dynamic, and effective.

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