Is Google's quantum computer the real thing? CSAIL's Aaronson weighs in

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Google has received a lot of media attention for its work developing a quantum computer that it has dubbed "D-Wave."

But many quantum computing experts in academia, including CSAIL principal investigator Scott Aaronson, say that its performance has been overhyped - an assertion that has been confirmed by new research.

From the Washington Post

Previous test results, conducted by a consultant hired by D-Wave, ...found that its machine was operating 3,600 times faster than a conventional algorithm. The results caused an initial wave of praise by the news media but was followed by a quick backlash of skepticism by quantum computing experts.

“People started to realize it was just a meaningless comparison,” said MIT theoretical computer scientist Scott Aaronson, who was not involved in the study. “When you make the comparison fair, the performance advantage for D-Wave essentially evaporates.”

He argues that the algorithms used by the consultant were far from ideal, in an effort to artificially hobble the PC and make D-Wave look more impressive.