RA in educational technology and mobile computing

The MIT Center for Mobile Computing has a spring RA-ship available for work with MIT App Inventor, our system that makes it easy for kids and beginning programmers to create apps for Android phones. This specific RA involves experimenting with a new board Motorola is building, similar to an Arduino but designed to connect directly to Android phones, so that the phones can have apps that interface with electrical devices. This work will involve experimenting with new board and designing App Inventor “components” to control the board. You then use this to create educational projects for beginners in computing and electronics, similar to what people do with Arduino but based on mobile apps, and trying these out with kids.

You’ll need to know Java and also (preferably) Javascript, and have some familiarity with Android. You should also have some background in MIT App Inventor, which you can gain by going to http://appinventor.mit.edu and doing a couple of the tutorials.

If you are interested, get in touch with Hal Abelson: hal@mit.edu